I'm a husband and a father of three (two of them teenagers). While tremendously difficult, I see parenting as a continuously arising opportunity, as well as a challenge, to work on something as close as possible to perfection. This is a lofty goal, but one that you want more than anything else in the world to achieve, as best as you can. The parenting work, with its failures and successes, but especially with its continuous promise, is significant inspiration for my coaching work. 

I follow closely the standards of the coaching practice as set forth by the International Coaching Federation's (ICF) principles and guidelines. Coaching is neither therapy nor counseling, although it has a kinship with both. I was trained, as a coach, in the tradition of Carl Rogers' positive psychology. He intuited, a long time ago, what would become a strong hypothesis in today's psychological literature: perhaps more than the approach, what matters the most is the strength of the therapeutical relationship. We call it designed alliance, that is, a working relationship that we craft together, with my clients.


But I carved my own philosophical and psychological landscape for coaching young people, with inspiration spanning psychological research, evolutionary biology, religious texts, classical literature and philosophy... 


In my free time, I like drawing and making beautiful spaces: I carry this aesthetic sensibility into the way I format my coach-client interaction, with an eye on providing the client with a pleasant, fulfilling, in-the-moment, experience with each coaching session.


I practice Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, which continuously humbles me.